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Birds, Mammals, and Amphibians of Latin America.
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Species Richness Maps

This novel feature of InfoNatura allows you to view maps depicting the richness of Latin American species according to taxonomic and threat criteria that you select. You can produce maps of the richness of birds, mammals, amphibians, all three groups, or subsets of these groups such as passerine birds or salamanders.

You can also limit the results to include only species in particular Red List Categories or restricted range species. For example, you can produce a map depicting the species richness of critically endangered cats or of all frogs and toads.

To get started, choose a conservation status category. Then you will be able to choose the taxonomic group of animals to analyze.

Please select a status category (status categories, except restricted ranges, refer to IUCN Red List categories*):
  • Include all species regardless of status
  • Critically Endangered (CR)
  • Endangered (EN)
  • Vulnerable (VU)
  • Threatened (CR, EN, VU)
  • Restricted Range Species**
  • * To learn more about IUCN Red List categories, visit the InfoNatura glossary.

    ** Species with range sizes in the first quartile of all species of the class occurring naturally in South America. Restricted range species therefore include birds with ranges measuring less than 76,096 km2, mammals with ranges less than 48,222 km2, and amphibians with ranges less than 280 km2.