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InfoNatura Species Index:  1 - 46 of 46 records in family Soricidae of order Lipotyphla.
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  (Heritage ID)   Scientific Name Status National Occurrence in Latin American and the Caribbean
  Common Name Heritage IUCN CITES
Mammalia, Lipotyphla, Soricidae
2.641101 Cryptotis alticola
   Montane Small-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: MX
2.777961 Cryptotis brachyonyx
   Short-clawed Short-eared Shrew
G1G3      Countries: CO
2.777959 Cryptotis colombiana
   Colombian Small-eared Shrew
G2G3      Countries: CO
2.641466 Cryptotis endersi
   Ender's Small-eared Shrew
G2 EN    Countries: PA
2.641083 Cryptotis equatoris
   Ecuadorian Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: EC, PE
2.641467 Cryptotis goldmani
   Goldman's Small-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: MX
2.641468 Cryptotis goodwini
   Goodwin's Small-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: GT, HN, MX, SV
2.641469 Cryptotis gracilis
   Talamancan Small-eared Shrew
G2G3 VU    Countries: CR, PA
2.641102 Cryptotis griseoventris
   Jackson's Small-eared Shrew
G3?      Countries: GT, MX
2.641480 Cryptotis hondurensis
   Honduran Small-eared Shrew
G2 VU    Countries: HN
2.641470 Cryptotis magna
   Big Small-eared Shrew
G3      Countries: MX
2.641476 Cryptotis mayensis
   Maya Small-eared Shrew
G3G4      Countries: BZ, GT, MX
2.641128 Cryptotis medellinia
   Medellín Small-eared Shrew
G3G4      Countries: CO
2.641478 Cryptotis mera
   Darien Small-eared Shrew
G2      Countries: PA
2.641481 Cryptotis meridensis
   Merida Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: VE
2.641479 Cryptotis merriami
   Merriam's Short-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: CR, GT, HN, MX, NI, SV
2.641471 Cryptotis mexicana
   Mexican Small-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: MX
2.641472 Cryptotis montivaga
   Ecuadorian Small-eared Shrew
G1G2      Countries: EC
2.641103 Cryptotis nelsoni
   Nelson's Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: MX
2.641473 Cryptotis nigrescens
   Blackish Small-eared Shrew
G4      Countries: CR, PA
2.641104 Cryptotis obscura
   Obscure Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: MX
2.103139 Cryptotis parva
   Least Shrew
G5      Countries: BZ, CR, GT, HN, MX, NI, SV
2.641105 Cryptotis peregrina
   Oaxaca Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: MX
2.641129 Cryptotis peruviensis
   Peruvian Small-eared Shrew
G2G4      Countries: PE
2.641171 Cryptotis phillipsii
   Phillips' Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: MX
2.641474 Cryptotis squamipes
   Scaly-footed Small-eared Shrew
G2G3      Countries: CO, EC
2.784093 Cryptotis tamensis
   Tamá Small-eared Shrew
GNR      Countries: CO, VE
2.641475 Cryptotis thomasi
   Thomas's Small-eared Shrew
G3      Countries: CO
2.641482 Megasorex gigas
   Mexican Shrew
G3      Countries: MX
2.768298 Notiosorex cockrumi
   Cockrum's Desert Shrew
GNR      Countries: MX
2.101665 Notiosorex crawfordi
   Desert Shrew
G5      Countries: MX
2.641146 Notiosorex evotis
   Long-eared Gray Shrew
G4      Countries: MX
2.641147 Notiosorex villai
   Villa's Gray Shrew
G3G4      Countries: MX
2.103567 Sorex arizonae
   Arizona Shrew
G3 VU    Countries: MX
2.641483 Sorex emarginatus
   Zacatecas Shrew
G3      Countries: MX
2.641484 Sorex macrodon
   Large-toothed Shrew
G3 NT    Countries: MX
2.641485 Sorex milleri
   Carmen Mountain Shrew
G3 VU    Countries: MX
2.101738 Sorex monticolus
   Montane Shrew
G5      Countries: MX
2.641486 Sorex oreopolus
   Mexican Long-tailed Shrew
G3 NT    Countries: MX
2.101684 Sorex ornatus
   Ornate Shrew
G5      Countries: MX
2.641487 Sorex saussurei
   Saussure's Shrew
G1      Countries: GT, MX
2.641488 Sorex sclateri
   Sclater's Shrew
G1 EN    Countries: MX
2.641489 Sorex stizodon
   San Cristobal Shrew
G1 EN    Countries: MX
2.106262 Sorex vagrans
   Vagrant Shrew
G5      Countries: MX
2.641490 Sorex ventralis
   Chestnut-bellied Shrew
G2      Countries: MX
2.641491 Sorex veraepacis
   Verapaz Shrew
G4      Countries: GT, MX
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